Welcome to Aesir Neo Arcadia

Don't mind the mess. We're working on it.

This site is currently under construction.

While we're working on this you can still join our servers!

It's HIGHLY RECOMMENDED you subscribe to our Mod Collection before connecting!!

Please join us on our stunning collection of ARK maps. We plan to keep a core set of three maps, and have a fourth on rotation. Our current rotation map is Olympus.


We are an experienced group of ARK players and server admins who are very excited to bring you this server. We have a strong focus on the community with our main form of communication being our Discord server and for status updates and events you can also follow our Twitter.

So come and join us in Discord and we'll be happy to greet you and get you involved!

Powerful Server

Our custom built server is designed to be powerful and stable. We run from an AMD Ryzen 7 2700X CPU, an ASRock X370 Pro4 Motherboard, 32GB of RAM, and dual dedicated 120GB SSDs hosting 2 maps each. We also have additional hard drives for security and backups done daily.